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Bree’s Story

Having been privileged enough to participate in MASP’s Kokoda Youth Mentoring Program as a mentee, one thing could not be more clear to me: being offered a position within the Program could quite possibly be the most fantastic opportunity a young person may be presented with.

The Program offers young people the opportunity to participate in a group project, to connect with an older role model, to express themselves in a safe, supportive environment and to experience a great
a sense of accomplishment.

The Program allowed me to engage with a safe, supportive group of people within the local community. Through the training, I developed resilience, both physical and psychological.

Completing the Kokoda Track led to the realisation that I was indeed capable of overcoming adversity and that my future was full of potential.

Following my participation in the Program, I completed my VCE studies and went on to study psychology at Deakin University in Melbourne, from which I graduated with distinction.

More recently, I have relocated back to Mildura, where I have become a
Foster Care Support Worker within the Support and Transition team at MASP.

I sincerely believe that I would not be where I am now without participating in MASP’s Kokoda Youth Mentoring Program. I give my heartfelt thanks to Ken Innes, Greg Robinson and Kathy Crouch; without their unconditional support my life could quite possibly have taken a very different direction, and for that I will be always


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