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Donate and Fundraise for MASP

MASP appreciates the generosity of those who donate or provide in-kind support, which helps us to continue our vital work of alleviating homelessness, abuse, suffering and disadvantage across the Mallee region.


MASP designed four unique funds to address specific community needs. This way, your donations directly impact the causes you care about most.

Discover MASP’s 4 Funds for Impactful Giving!


MASP Housing Development Fund

Help us build homes and improve living conditions for those in need. Your contribution will support activities like land acquisition, housing construction, and renovations to provide better housing options for individuals and families.


MASP Homelessness Support Fund

Make an immediate difference in the lives of homeless individuals. Your donations will provide material aid for essential supplies like bedding, emergency accommodations, and food support. We’ll also use this fund to bridge gaps in government funding for outreach initiatives.


MASP Youth Support Fund

Support the growth and well-being of young individuals in the community. With this fund, we provide material aid, mentoring program support, and other necessary assistance for youth clients, helping them thrive and achieve their full potential.


MASP Family Safety Fund

Join us in safeguarding families at risk of family violence. Your donation will be used to fund preventive programs and offer material aid to those not eligible for government-funded support. Together, we can create safer environments for vulnerable families.

Occasionally, we may also run special fundraisers for specific needs, like our Youth Mentoring Program.

So, keep an eye out for those opportunities to make an even greater impact!

Choose a fund close to your heart and be a part of our mission to create a brighter future for everyone in the Mallee region.

Thank you for being a valuable partner in our journey to uplift lives and bring about lasting change.

Make a Donation

If you would like to arrange a direct deposit, please contact the staff at the MASP office.
Donations over $2 are tax deductible, and receipts for all donations can be supplied upon request.

Alternatively, cheques can be posted to MASP:

MASP Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 1686
MILDURA Vic 3502

Make a Bequest

By making a bequest to MASP, you can continue to help and support the community even after you have passed away. Bequests to MASP are invested in continuing and expanding needed programs, to trial new projects or initiatives or for essential capital works.

If you believe in helping those most in need, please consider MASP as a recipient of your generosity. Your gift, large or small, may make a difference to someone in need.

If you would like to discuss in-kind contributions with MASP, we would like to hear from you.

In-Kind Contributions

Assistance can also be provided to MASP by way of in-kind contributions.

Any offers of in-kind support are gratefully accepted and enable more MASP revenue to be directed into programs, services, and clients in need.

These can be many and varied but mainly include the donation or supply of goods and services to MASP, either free or at a reduced cost. Goods include care packages, bedding, clothes, toys, household items, stationary and other everyday items. Services include trades, transport, marketing, printing, event assistance, supervised visits, and general service delivery support. Due to hygiene considerations, MASP is able to receive only newly donated items.

If you would like to discuss in-kind contributions with MASP, we would like to hear from you.

Help MASP develop and expand programs

This valuable support helps MASP to:

  • Provide greater services and support to vulnerable families, disengaged youth, and homeless people in our community.
  • Develop and expand programs.
  • Contribute to activities and programs which lead to a strengthening of our community.
  • Trial new projects to meet existing unmet or emerging needs.
Vulnerable children, youth, and families
Children and youth in residential care and other community placements
Young people struggling to live independently
Sponsoring a child or young person’s participation in an activity
General MASP program and activity support
Join us today in building a stronger, more compassionate community. Your partnership matters, and together, we’ll make a lasting difference.