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MASP Applauds National Housing & Homelessness Plan

MASP supports the National Housing and Homelessness Plan (the Plan) developed by the Australian Government in collaboration with state and territory governments. This landmark initiative, comprising a 10-year strategy, reflects a crucial milestone in our collective endeavour to ensure access to safe and affordable housing for all Australians.

The Plan follows a comprehensive approach, delineating short-, medium-, and longer-term reforms to address the housing crisis and challenges of individuals.

MASP Acting CEO Charmaine Calis said it was crucial to address the ongoing issue of individuals and families facing housing crisis. “We acknowledge The Plan’s recognition of long-standing calls for a national strategy to alleviate housing insecurity,” said Charmaine Calis, Acting CEO of MASP. 

“The Plan represents a pivotal opportunity to gain deeper insights into the root causes of homelessness and housing insecurity across diverse regions of Australia and to foster collaboration among all levels of Government, private entities, and community sectors, including MASP.”, Mrs Calis said.

MASP also welcomes substantial investments such as the Housing Australia Future Fund and the National Housing Accord.

“These initiatives, alongside various incentives and funding allocations, have the potential to catalyse positive change in the housing landscape, noting the eligibility and eligibility criteria of funding submissions and procurements.”

Mrs Calis said that MASP stands ready to collaborate with stakeholders at all levels to translate the objectives of the Plan into tangible outcomes and thanked and congratulated all parties involved in shaping this crucial initiative.

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