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MASP Unveils Fundraising Opportunities to Transform Lives

Mallee Accommodation and Support Program is overhauling its fundraising framework, giving the community clear and meaningful options for supporting the organisation’s work.

Under the plan, four separate funds are being created to support MASP’s work in housing development, homelessness support, youth support and family safety. Community contributions to MASP come on top of government funding, importantly boosting its ability to meet the growing needs of vulnerable people.

“By establishing these distinct funds, MASP can effectively allocate resources to address specific community needs,” MASP Chair Mary Rydberg said.

“It also means, for the first time, donors can choose to contribute to a particular fund that aligns with their interests.”

“Together, we can address issues in our community and see fundamental changes in the lives of people in our region.”

MASP’s recently adopted Fundraising and Philanthropy Plan aims to develop fundraising activities that will directly support new approaches and programs.

“MASP is also investing its own reserves and operating surpluses to address issues in our community,” Chief Executive Officer Vincent Wilson said.

“We are committed to investing in the services and infrastructure our communities expect and need. All of this investment complements the work already being done with the support of government funding to give us bang for our buck.”

“It means the community can be confident that contributions to MASP will go towards programs that make a real difference.”

Under the changes, each of the funds has a specific purpose.

The MASP Housing Development Fund focuses on raising capital funds for housing-related initiatives, while the Homelessness Support Fund provides support to address the immediate needs of people suffering from homelessness.

The Youth Support Fund provides material aid and other support for vulnerable young people, and the Family Safety Fund meets the needs of families either involved or at risk of being involved in family violence.

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