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MASP will be developing a $2.65M social housing project on vacant land in Sunnyside Avenue, Mildura, after being successful in its bid for funding from the Victorian government.

The Victorian government is funding $2,025,000, with MASP adding $600,000 of its own money to build a community living precinct of 13 units and an onsite service centre.

Chair of MASP’s Board of Directors, Caroline Smith, said that the redevelopment of the site is a great step forward for our region in meeting social housing demand.

“Our partnership with the Victorian government will see growth in local social housing stock, and is further evidence of how MASP actively seeks and responsibly uses government funding to help disadvantaged people” said Ms Smith. “$600,000 of our own cash towards the project has included funds raised at the annual MASP Women’s Lunch, which means women and businesses supporting that event can be very proud of what they have helped us to achieve.”

CEO of MASP, Gary Simpson, said that MASP’s business model to deliver the project is going above and beyond traditional models of delivering social housing.
“We really wanted to try something different, so the idea of a community living precinct with the ability to bring onsite to residents a range of social and related services, which they identify they need, appealed to us” said Mr Simpson. “We used overseas research and data to help shape our model and saw that our vision had a great fit with emerging government policy too. We’ve also designed it with lots of nice touches that will give residents a strong sense of community and belonging.”

The Board of MASP and Mr Simpson acknowledged the government and community in the role they have played.

“This would not be possible without the fantastic support of the Victorian government. We are also fortunate in our region to have wonderful community support through fundraising functions, charity golf days, and individuals who donate to MASP.”

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